March 2017

A new research project of #DestinationPersonality about Venice Islands has started

Venice, with its royal charm and beauties, has always been one of the most exclusive touristic destination and millions of tourists every year land in the Venetian Lagoon, noble house of Venice, but not exclusively. If Venice can be considered “the queen” of the Lagoon, there are also other beautiful “court damsels”: Islands of Venice. The Venetian lagoon presents many islands, more or less big, each of those with particular features, culture and history. However their potential is not fully harnessed although they could be interesting places to visit, relax and have fun: from the “genuine” Pellestrina to the “graceful” Lido of Venice, or from the “coloured” Burano and Murano to the “historical” Giudecca, and so on. B-sm@rk Ltd, an ...