#BrandPersonality and Human Resources Management


#BrandPersonality and Human Resources Management

Every big brand has its own spirit or charisma, which works on the emotional side and pulls the people right towards the brand. This is the so called Brand Personality. Through this concept, human personality traits are applicable to brands, making this emotional side better definable. With the help of the Brand Personality scale, an analysis of a brand´s personality can be achieved:

A brand´s personality is a very important aspect, which should be carefully considered and evaluated within the brand´s identity and image, because it is the connecting emotional piece between a brand and its customer. Note, however, that a brand´s customer can as well be internal, speaking of the human resources of the brand. These internal customers are essential for a brand and are the basis of the company. Therefore it is the main group to consider besides the external customers.

The human resource management (HRM) department of a brand needs to perceive the people of the company just as the customers. The fitter the personality of the brand with the HR´s personality, the better the outcome of the relationship.

Let´s say that a company is looking for a new employee. There are a number of people applying for the job and the company also has their own head hunters looking for talents. In order to make this whole process a lot easier, the concept of Brand Personality for internal customers comes into play. By knowing exactly the brand´s own personality, the HRM department can select the applicants, who´s personality fits best with the brand´s. And like the Brand Personality, the Human Personality can be measured just as easily. Using the OCEAN model (The Big Five model), which is appreciated by several psychologists in the world and used for many researches in the field, 5 main personality traits can be identified:

So now that the brand knows its own personality and the personality of the applicants, it can much better decide, who would fit best. Even more, by explicitly presenting the personality of the brand on the outside, mostly people who see their selves in line with this Brand Personality will apply for the open position.


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