#DestinationPersonality: a real help for travelers and locations!


#DestinationPersonality: a real help for travelers and locations!

In the recent months, we focused our attention on the travel market because we believe our efforts and researches in Brand and Destination Personality could become useful in order to increase the travel experience.

As Svetlana Masjutina pointed out in one of her latest article published on LinkedIn, the phenomenon of globalization and the ease of the outbound tourism all over the world have led several benefits for local economies. On the other hand, we have to consider that mass tourism is not all for good and it brings with it several concerns about the real experience that a tourist can have.

In the fast growing tourism culture we have nowadays, we are inclined to visit as many places as we can in our busy lives, we want to travel more and faster, see something unique and special, but as James Buzard used to say in his work -The Beaten Track-,


“Authentic culture can be discovered only by the sensitive true travel and not the vulgar tourist”


Although Buzard wrote that at the begging of the XX century the statement is still, in a way, valid, we think that what can really differ a traveler from a “vulgar tourist” is the real desire to experience a specific location deep inside.  As we all know travel is not for everyone and most of all we have a short part of the year in which we should find the perfect destination that can exactly match with our personality.

This is where #DestinationPersonality comes in relevant play! With our most recent researches we have focused how Destinations and Brand could be perceived according to the human personality traits. In this way, the location can focus its communication in order to attract more traveler that can really enjoy and maximize their experiences.

So, going back to the bold statement by James Buzard we are keen on noting that nowadays the most important aspects the locations should focus are those connected with how the travelers perceive the location itself in order to maximize their true travel pleasure… A good help for this task? #DestinationPersonality!:)

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