A new #DestinationPersonality research about Trieste – Italy


A new #DestinationPersonality research about Trieste – Italy

B-sm@rk is going to develop a Destination Personality research project on another destination in Italy, now is the time of Trieste to reveal its identity. During the whole 20th century Trieste has been the most literary city in Italy, indeed its fame has had an international echo.


“Think you’re escaping and run into yourself, longest way round is the shortest way home”


How you can find yourself? And which path you have to take to find it out? One of the most famous literary sentence about trip and identity was written in Trieste by the Irish eminent writer James Joyce, in reference to the greatest traveler of all time, right Ulysses. B-sm@rk as an Italian-Irish marketing company based in Dublin has recently focused attention in identity of brand/destinations and equally in the perception of them. The real reason why this research can be identified as innovative lies in the fact that we are analyzing the personality of a city as if it were a brand.




Trieste is not a well-known city, often overlooked. For a long time jealously chained to its own roots, the city is now welcoming consistent tourist flows. Our project will analyze the perception that native people have of the identity of Trieste, compared with the tourists’ perception of the image of the city, in order to see how the city is ready to welcome tourists and what are Trieste’s distinctive traits that characterize its identity. Once part of the Hapsburgian Empire, the city has been Italian for less than hundred years. It has always been filled with people coming from all over the world, a border city with many identities inside it. Therefore, the construction of its own identity has been difficult but strong and determined at the same time. Trieste ended up being rooted and closed in its own dimension, but now that it is opening up to the international dimension, what will be the verdict?



Let’s find it out together! In fact, our intent is to help the city to identify itself, and which visitor is more suitable for Trieste as a Destination. The silk road will be reopened soon, now it’s about understanding how to exploit it…

Stay tuned for further information…

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