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B-sm@rk is an Italian-Irish company based in Dublin, born in 2011, winner of innovation and startup awards in EU, US, China and backed by EU investors with Euro 1,5M+ in funding to date. B-sm@rk has developed MySmark touchpoints, Combi-Action-Technology and #DestinationPersonality research, and holds 2 international patents (pending) based on R&D developed in Ireland in the area of travel and hospitality marketing.

Main focuses of our company are consumer research, touchpoints, behavioral models and marketing automation to provide NTOs, DMOs, airports, hotels and airlines with a new solution for optimizing the mapping and the connection between leads/customers and available inventory (content, product, services, experiences, destinations, etc).

We believe in creating a cheerful work environment that promotes personal satisfaction, human relations and ideas. Because emotions matter.


Nicola Farronato

Founder & CEO

Paolo Panizza

Founder & CTO

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