b-sm@rk is one of the 5 finalists of the ITB China travel innovation award in Shanghai


b-sm@rk is one of the 5 finalists of the ITB China travel innovation award in Shanghai

The Chinese Tourism market has been on a rise for the past few years and continues to grow even stronger in the next time. In 2016, the outbound travel market of China reached a new high. 5.13 million Chinese visitors came to Europe and that number is expected to grow up to 5.5 million visitor arrivals in 2017 (China Travelnews). Therefore, China is the place to watch and should be in the focus of the European Tourism industry.

The Chinese tourist follows the trend of digitalisation and now books most of his holidays through online channels like apps or websites. Considering this evolution, especially digital travel services can make the most out of this situation and will play a major role in the Chinese market.

MySmark is offering such a service, focusing on emotional marketing for travel and tourism in the digital framework. The Combi-Action™ Technology has been developed to easily transform small-data into smart-data: while the user of a website searches, books or buys, a collaborative filter can boost a personalized experience by connecting the user´s profile with a recommendation, personalized content or call-to-action.

recsys example

Using the Combi-Action™ technology, it is easy to give consumer insights to businesses and a better customer experience and destination fit to the users. For example, the Chinese tourists could better be able to decide on a destination and could have an overall better experience, fitting right into their character needs.

In order to present the theme of emotional marketing to the Chinese Tourism market, b-sm@rk will travel to Shanghai early May to participate in the new ITB China in May 2017. The even will be used as a showcase to present the recent developments of the Combi-Action™ technology and the smart value of this service to the international audience.

Last but not least, B-Sm@rk is very happy to announce, that it has been selected as one of 5 finalists for the “ITB China Start-up Award”, which will take place during the trade show at the Shanghai EXPO.

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