Brand Personality – which human traits do you see in your favourite brand?


Brand Personality – which human traits do you see in your favourite brand?

When you think about yourself, how would you describe your personality? Outgoing, cheerful and adventurous? Or maybe rather the opposite? Now think of your favourite brand. Can you find some of your personality attributes within their image or identity?

This is exactly the concept of brand personality. Every brand has a certain, so called, image, which consumers have of it. It is the perceived functional and emotional value of the brand or the product. Because of this image, a consumer might or might not decide to like the brand. Mostly, the brand image somehow reflects either the actual or the ideal self of potential customers. Thus, a brand can make itself much more accessible to its favourable customers by simply enhancing the emotional benefit and connecting through the help of the concept of brand personality with the needs and wishes of the customer. But in order to do this, brands need to know exactly the personality of themselves and of the customer they are trying to reach.

There are some brands, which already work on the concept of brand personality. Especially luxury brands are able to profit very much from this concept. Since emotions and desired self-presentation play an essential role in the luxury market, personality is the tool for connection and differentiation. To fully take advantage of this, a brand has to implement the concept of personality into all parts of its business. For example, marketing activities could be shaped by the brand personality, useful for customer acquisition and loyalty as well as for employer branding. Particularly on social media and e-commerce platforms brands should demonstrate their unique personality to the customer and set themselves apart from the competition. This becomes even more important, if brands are distributed through multi brand e-commerce platforms.

As a result, the concept of brand personality gains more and more interest in the world of branding and strong brands need to face up to this opportunity, because customers will always choose the brand, which is the closest to them.

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