The Combi-Action™ Button ‘Travel Companions’ helps generate personalisation


The Combi-Action™ Button ‘Travel Companions’ helps generate personalisation

Months ago we were already talking about how well our Combi-Action™ ‘Travel Companion’ button was doing on Irish Day Tours website. If you don’t remember it, just check it out.

Now the time has come to dig a little bit further in the results we obtained in this period and define what are the next steps.

Goal of the Combi-Action™ Button

The Combi-Action™ Button is a technology that helps us monitor the booking conversion while adding a special label, in this specific case the Travel Companion. With just one click, every customer of the website who is booking a tour is then able to tell us if he is coming to Ireland alone, with his/her partner, with his/her friends or with his/her family.

What did we learn?

Even if all tourists are different and looking for different things, every group of them, classified under the same label, has some tendencies in commun when it comes to age, gender, nationality, visits interest, etc. Our purpose is then to better understand these tendencies and how they are building tourist’s travel expectations.

What is next ?

Thanks to our research on the Destination Personality of Ireland, we can now better understand and anticipate interests that travellers may have when they are visiting places in Ireland. Therefore, we are able to give tourists some recommendation for others visits. To do so, with Irish Day Tours, we are just launching new personalised ‘Thank you’ emails offering suggestions for further trips based on the information we already have.

To learn more about it, check the infographic below or contact us.


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