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Have you ever desired to perform two actions in just one click?
Our Combi-action button handles two different submissions with a single input: whether you want to measure your customers expectations while they are adding a product to cart or knowing the reason behind their trip, we can help you with a new, flexible and instant tool.
The integration is easy and seamless: have a look at our developers guide.

The value

Affective/cognitive analysis of main actions (Subscribe, Book, Add to cart…).

Enriching the customers profile.

Empowering the segmentation.


User value

Discovery / Business incentive

Business value

Lead nurturing to support acquisition


User value

Loyalty / Incentive / Personalisation

Business value

Profiling and retention to support promotion

Why would I need it?

Your Brand's Personality and the Purchase Intention

Purchase intention can be considered as the pragmatic side of consumer behavior, and includes factors such as the customer’s interest, evaluation and information.

Measuring the purchase intention provides inputs for new products or deals, as well as an accurate market segmentation if it’s tracked over time.

Forecast future sales

Recommend targeted products

Strengthen the Brand personality

For Travel

There are several factors that potentially influence consumers’ purchasing decision when booking travel services online.

In addition to the cultural factors which influence the travel behavior, purchase intention in online travel buying has a lot to do with best deals, brand image and the personality of the customer.




Website Design

Sample integration of a CAB into an Online Travel Agency

For Hospitality

When a customer is booking a room in your facility, you might want to know where does his/her interest come from.
Purchase intention in this case could be related to Price, Location, Personal taste and Previous knowledge or Recommendation.

Through the Combi-action button you would also be keen to measure the reason of your consumer's trip and put it in relation to his/her personality in order to filter the results in a personalised way.

Sample integration of a CAB into an Hotel website

For Retail

The role of Retail Image and consumer trust in buying from online and offline stores is key to increase sales and revenues.
Keeping your business in people’s focus means knowing their tastes, their personality and the reason of their interest in your product.

The Combi-action button is the most fitting tool to measure your audience's purchase intention and regain potential customers' attention after they leave your site.

Sample integration of a Combi-action button into an e-commerce

Other services


When people subscribe to your newsletter, they give you permission to establish a relationship with them.
Newsletters are a great way to engage, create trust and drive more sales, but most of us are reluctant to subscribe as we are afraid to get irrelevant content back.

The Combi-action button can be used as an incentive to attract signups: in just one click you would be asking what kind of content your audience is interested in and increase the number of subscribers.

Take a picture

The Combi-action button is applicable to any very context.
Why not using it for emotional tagging when taking a picture?


dp sofia

A new #DestinationPersonality research about Sofia, Bulgaria

B-sm@rk, an Irish-Italian company based in Dublin and specialized in destination research and marketing, is starting a new research project about the capital city of Bulgaria, Sofia, with a program called Destination Personality, in which the firm has much experience. The idea of this project was born via a collaboration between the company and a soon-to-be graduate at Ca’ Foscari University of Venice, Jasmin Arifi, studying Economics and Management, and now intern at b-sm@rk. It will be realized with the collaboration of local partners. The project aims at analyzing the perception that tourists in Sofia have of the city, before, during, or after their tours, alongside a general study of tourism in Sofia. The Destination Personality concept uses a method ...


#DestinationPersonality: Northern Ireland VS Ireland

Despite Northern Ireland and Ireland belong to the same Island there are some interesting perception differences when we talk about destination. We have observed in a new research how their main touristic attractions looks in terms of #DestinationPersonality. The main destinations that we’ve considered are Giant’s Causeway and Belfast for Northern Ireland, Cliffs of Moher and Dublin for Ireland. In this way, we balanced the naturalistic and the urban aspect of the two countries. We started analysing the travel motivations and we noticed some differences in the tourists’ response; we asked them to rate the four locations according to four factors: “Culture”, “Pleasure”, “Relaxation”, “Sport”.   Belfast and Giant’s Causeway have the highest values concerning the cultural factor.Both the Cliffs ...


#DestinationPersonality for Chinese tourists in Ireland

Since 2011, B-sm@rk, an Italian-Irish company has been developing research and technology based on consumer behaviour and marketing automation for travel, hospitality and brands. Through MySmark, a customer experience platform, the company provides research and digital marketing tools for online travel and commerce. The cornerstones of the company are the Brand and Destination Personality (BP and DP) tools and researches. The personality of a brand or a destination is identified by a set of human characteristics associated with that brand or destination (This concept is more and more important in marketing since, as we all well know emotions matters).  The concept serves as a connector between tourists, travel brands and places. It can be used to improve the customer experience ...


Destination Personality and Venice Islands: new insights

Burano and its colorful houses, Murano and its antique art of glass, Lido and its International Film Festival… Each island somehow contributes to the uniqueness and magnificence of Venetian territories. Although rich of history and tradition, Venice islands are not enough valued and promoted, and the paradoxical touristic overcrowding of Venice city center versus the scarce flow of visits suffered by the islands is the proof of that. An experimental research has been conducted this year by b-sm@rk, an Italo-Irish company specialized in digital marketing, following a proposal from an intern native from Pellestrina who wanted to identify the main reasons of this circumstance. During this study, a sample of five significative islands (Burano, Murano, Pellestrina, Giudecca and Lido) has ...