Brand & Destination Personality research


The personality of a brand or a destination is identified by the unique set of human personality traits both applicable and relevant to that brand / destination.

Destination Personality

Brand Personality

Once measured, Brand/Destination Personality can be associated to marketing strategies aimed to boost visitors' connection and their loyalty.

Positive effects of Brand/Destination Personality on customers:

Self-identification with
the brand or destination



(word of mouth)


We measure the

Brand/Destination Image

How the customer perceives the brand or destination

We measure the

Brand/Destination Identity

The global project of the brand or the destination

We can then define the

Brand/Destination Personality

Set of human characteristics associated with a brand or a destination


First insights on #DP Trieste

Destination Personality Trieste is coming to an end. It has been very interesting to analyse two different images of the city of Trieste. The project had a good spread all over the residents of the city, but it has been a bit challenging to reach enough tourists, that is why we decided to involve in the project not only those who have already been in Trieste, but also some other different targets. That is, we split the tourists’ survey in four different types: one for those who have visited the city, one for those who are planning to visit it, one for those who knows the city but are not planning to visit it and one for those who do ...


#DestinationPersonality Trieste – James Joyce Museum

There are many connections between Ireland and Italy, but probably the bigger one is the most famous writer of Irish history. Indeed, James Joyce lived a third of his life in Dublin, and another third in Trieste.   “When I die Dublin will be written in my hearth”   Joyce was born in Dublin in 1882 and lived there until the 1904 when he left the Capital city for no specific reasons. He was involved in a fight and he had an argument with one of his best friends, these were probably the real reasons. He picked up Nora, his future wife and left the city forever. After a brief period in Zurich he went to Trieste, the city that ...


A new #DestinationPersonality research about Trieste – Italy

B-sm@rk is going to develop a Destination Personality research project on another destination in Italy, now is the time of Trieste to reveal its identity. During the whole 20th century Trieste has been the most literary city in Italy, indeed its fame has had an international echo.   “Think you’re escaping and run into yourself, longest way round is the shortest way home”   How you can find yourself? And which path you have to take to find it out? One of the most famous literary sentence about trip and identity was written in Trieste by the Irish eminent writer James Joyce, in reference to the greatest traveler of all time, right Ulysses. B-sm@rk as an Italian-Irish marketing company based ...


Brand new research about chinese tourists in EU unveiled at the opening of EU-China tourism year in Venice

Brand new research focusing chinese tourists in Europe: Save and B-sm@rk presents “Venice Marco Polo” today, on occasion of the official opening of Eu-China tourism year 2018 in Venice. In july 2016 EU president Juncket and chinese premier Li Keqiang have annoounced 2018 as Eu-China tourism year (ECTY). The main objectives of this joint programme are the aim of increasing the number of chinese tourists in EU destinations, with special focus to millennials FIT (free independent travellers). They are expected to be the 75% of chinese outbound tourism in 2018 and drive the 55% consumers boost of chinese economy. They are counting ca 25% of chinese population, with about 400 million people born between 1980 and 1999 in the Contry. ...

dp sofia

A new #DestinationPersonality research about Sofia, Bulgaria

B-sm@rk, an Irish-Italian company based in Dublin and specialized in destination research and marketing, is starting a new research project about the capital city of Bulgaria, Sofia, with a program called Destination Personality, in which the firm has much experience. The idea of this project was born via a collaboration between the company and a soon-to-be graduate at Ca’ Foscari University of Venice, Jasmin Arifi, studying Economics and Management, and now intern at b-sm@rk. It will be realized with the collaboration of local partners. The project aims at analyzing the perception that tourists in Sofia have of the city, before, during, or after their tours, alongside a general study of tourism in Sofia. The Destination Personality concept uses a method ...


#DestinationPersonality: Northern Ireland VS Ireland

Despite Northern Ireland and Ireland belong to the same Island there are some interesting perception differences when we talk about destination. We have observed in a new research how their main touristic attractions looks in terms of #DestinationPersonality. The main destinations that we’ve considered are Giant’s Causeway and Belfast for Northern Ireland, Cliffs of Moher and Dublin for Ireland. In this way, we balanced the naturalistic and the urban aspect of the two countries. We started analysing the travel motivations and we noticed some differences in the tourists’ response; we asked them to rate the four locations according to four factors: “Culture”, “Pleasure”, “Relaxation”, “Sport”.   Belfast and Giant’s Causeway have the highest values concerning the cultural factor.Both the Cliffs ...