#DestinationPersonality Trieste – James Joyce Museum


#DestinationPersonality Trieste – James Joyce Museum

There are many connections between Ireland and Italy, but probably the bigger one is the most famous writer of Irish history. Indeed, James Joyce lived a third of his life in Dublin, and another third in Trieste.


“When I die Dublin will be written in my hearth”


Joyce was born in Dublin in 1882 and lived there until the 1904 when he left the Capital city for no specific reasons. He was involved in a fight and he had an argument with one of his best friends, these were probably the real reasons. He picked up Nora, his future wife and left the city forever. After a brief period in Zurich he went to Trieste, the city that will become his second home. Literally, in one of his famous letter to Nora he wrote “My soul is in Trieste”.




He lived for 16 years in Trieste and then he left the city in the north east of Italy for Paris. Almost one century later, Riccardo Cepach decided to retrace Joyce’s footsteps and opens a Joyce Museum in Trieste. It’s important to enhance one’s cultural heritage, after all, even Joyce himself is a bit the soul of Trieste, a welcoming and stimulating city voted to culture.

The Joyce Museum hosts every year a few thousands of visitors, and his fame has grown from year to year.

Nowadays, it organizes also many side events, such as Bloomsday. Indeed, for the day of the Ulysses the museum organize events from the 16th to the 18th of June.




As you may know, B-smark is currently developing many destination personality projects all around the world, and now is also working on a research with the museum. Collaborating together, we will carry out the Trieste Destination Personality project. The research will analyze the perception that native people have of the identity of Trieste, compared with the tourists’ perception of the image of the city, in order to see how the city is ready to welcome tourists and what Trieste’s distinctive traits are (that characterize its identity).

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