#DestinationPersonality: Peggy Guggenheim Collection


#DestinationPersonality: Peggy Guggenheim Collection

Everything started with a collaboration among Ca’ Foscari University of Venice, Peggy Guggenheim Collection (Venice) and b-sm@rk (Italo-Irish marketing company). Thanks to trust and teamwork, always present in this market research project, here we are with interesting and catching news.

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First of all, a survey is not such if we do not have human contribution. So, we start thanking everyone who has dedicated some of his/her precious time to complete the questionnaire, helping us in our innovative research. You are the main actors in this play, and you represent all PGC visitors! So let’s start form you, let’s start from the description of our international sample. This may not be surprising news if you have already visited the PCG: 30% of the visitors is aged between 18 and 30; 37% came visiting the PGC with the partner and if we add people accompanied by family or friends, we reach 80%. So, we deduce a quite large slice of users is young and likes to come there accompanied by the respective beloved. From a further examination, we discovered also that the public is tendentially very satisfied of the PGC experience. Keep in mind this, it represents a good starting point in analysing the general picture.

So let’s understand why the satisfaction trend is so high and how it can be improved even further thanks to the connection between 1Human, 2Brand and 3Destination Personality techniques…

How can we measure the 1Human Personality of our visitors? The answer is by following the OCEAN model. OCEAN is an acronym suggesting five measurable dimensions of human personality. Concerning PGC visitors, their personality can be considered in line with the prevalent ethnicity, whose prevailing characteristic is “openness to experience”, even if slightly less conscientious and agreeable.

Concerning Peggy Guggenheim Collection itself, the analysis relates to the personality of two dimensions: the PCG perceived as a Brand or as a touristic Destination. Then, isn’t it thought-provoking to analyse a destination or a brand as if it was a person? Sounds impossible. Or better, sounds impossible if you do not dispose of the right technology. Here lies the innovation and the energy brought by the revolutionary concept of Brand and Destination Personality. Dying of curiosity? Keep analysing with our tips!

PGC 2Brand Personality was analysed following the respective Brand Personality Scale, which allowed us to ascribe particular human personality traits to the PGC Brand. In this specific case, we outlined a profile strongly characterized by the BPS values, that stands for a powerful brand awareness, confirmed by the fact that the PCG brand is perceived as very dynamic, innovative and absolutely not ordinarily.

PCG 3Destination Personality was analysed thanks to the respective Destination Personality Scale, working along the lines of the Brand Personality Scale, but showing a slightly lower effectiveness, evidence of the fact that Peggy Guggenheim is more referred to as a Brand than as a touristic Destination. Anyway, PGC once again sketches excellent results by appearing truly original, exciting and unique.

Too much information? Feel confused? Let’s start putting the pieces together!

Starting from the general trend of solid satisfaction, we can deduce there should be a connection among the three key elements we analysed: visitors are very open to experience, are aware of the strong Brand Personality of the PCG and consider the PGC itself as original and unique. So, as an overall trend, by visiting the PCG they are doing more than just visiting a museum: induced by their personality traits and their brand awareness, they are in search of a surrounding and involving “experience” of visiting and living the collection, in all its stunning beauty and attractiveness, and the PGC management is actually offering and improving this “experience”. If you already experienced the thrill of the Peggy Guggenheim Collection it and, even better, if you helped us in our survey, is your visit reflected in our analysis? If not, come on, what are you waiting for?

New insights and ad hoc proposals for visitors and stakeholders will soon be available, so stay tuned!

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