Digital in 2016: the Year of Consumer-led Marketing

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Digital in 2016: the Year of Consumer-led Marketing

2016 has been addressed as the Year of Consumer-led Marketing: digital marketing forecasts predict that consumers will become the priority central marketing function this year.

Some winning trends of 2015 are expected to keep rising, such as the use of mobile devices: in the Travel and Hospitality industry revenue from mobile nearly doubled, and tablets generated 210% more room nights and 603% more revenue than mobile devices.
Consumers are also expecting more personalisation, with 56% of consumers that want brands to deliver them information that is relevant to their interests and tastes.

Besides, online search engines are now a more trusted source for general news and information (64%) than traditional media (62%): SEO is going to be a valuable resource for businesses, despite challenges such as changing algorithms and budget constraints.

Reputation marketing will be key since 92% of consumers now read online reviews already, while 40% of them form an opinion by reading just 1-3 reviews. Star rating is still #1 factor used by consumers to judge a business, but there will be space for complementary tools as the third factor they pay more attention to is sentiment of the review.

Here there are some digital marketing statistics to help you build new strategies and inspire a new approach to the customer experience in your industry. 


digital marketing 2016Sources: Edelman, Reputation loop

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