#DestinationPersonality East Lombardy – European Region of Gastronomy


#DestinationPersonality East Lombardy – European Region of Gastronomy

The personality of residents and tourists of East Lombardy featured in the project European Region of Gastronomy

European Region of Gastronomy is an international project created to improve the quality of life in Europe’s regions, enhancing the local typical food and wine and international cooperation.

The integration between culture, tourism and gastronomy is a way to enhance local food cultures that are a rich source of cultural, economic and social diversity, and to encourage the use of sustainable methods of production and consumption, In addition to broadcast an increasing nutritional education.

The Eastern Lombardy – East Lombardy, a founding member of the international platform, has been recognized for the year 2017. This area, combining the territories of Bergamo, Brescia, Cremona and Mantua, has a rich gastronomic heritage: 22 Michelin-starred restaurants (including two 3 stars), 10 of the best restaurants in the Gambero Rosso Guide, 22 restaurants Identità Golose.

Roberta Garibaldi of the University of Bergamo in collaboration with b-sm@rk Ltd – Dublin-based Irish Italian companies specializing in research and emotional marketing for travel – initiated a research study aimed at analysing the perception of Italian and international residents and tourists to this area and the food and wine experiences. From the month of March some students from the University will be in the field to collect data through questionnaires that contain within them the form “Destination Brand personality” developed by b-sm@rk as a research tool for his platform of customer experience MySmark, we will test it to try to find a solution that has scientific validity.

b-sm@rk aims to analyse the identity and image of a destination and its gastronomic experiences, in this case, by combining these elements with the profile of residents and tourists. It has been shown by numerous marketing studies and scientific researches that there is an opportunity for improvement of consumer satisfaction directly tied to the proximity between identity and image of a brand or a place. Measuring the Brand & Destination Personality is so very useful to innovate and elevate the visitor experience, and develop targeted actions to recommend specifically an experience, a brand or a specific target audience people in the real world that digital.

More information about the project & Destination Brand personality in this link.

note: machine translation from Italian version

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