Introducing: The #DestinationPersonality Toolkit


Introducing: The #DestinationPersonality Toolkit

The concept of Destination Personality gains more and more interest in different industries around the world. Especially the Tourism Industry in Europe, which has been steadily growing over the last few years, could make great use of Destination Personality research and its benefits on the marketing of Tourism Destinations (European Travel Commission, 2017). According to an official statistic on, online marketing channels in particular come into view. Tourism Destinations will further invest most of their marketing budget into online channels. Therefore, it is very important to further enhance the knowledge about the benefits of the concept of Destination Personality throughout the market and encourage the research on this theme.

MySmark is in the process of creating a Toolkit for Destination Personality research in order to explain and give insights into the concept of Destination Personality. It aims mostly at students from Universities, which would like to collaborate with MySmark in terms of thesis projects and experimental research. More and more Universities start to focus on Tourism Management and Marketing, offering a number of Bachelor´s as well as Master´s degrees in this area. For example, in Germany more than 80 universities offer a tourism focus to their students. Moreover, every year a high number of students seek for interesting and motivational thesis projects in order to complete their studies. Therefore, a possibility like this is of great value for university students to find an engaging theme to work on.

The Toolkit is the main guide for the students to create knowledge and a first understanding of Destination Personality research. It gives an explanation of the concept and consists of a guideline or structure of how to do research. In particular, it gives tips about…

  • …starting a Destinations Personality project and picking the right destination
  • …setting the target of the audience
  • …finding possible partners for incentives and distribution
  • …creating the survey
  • …and distributing it.


The students can find many useful tips and examples with the help of a case study about a Destination Personality research for the Venice Islands in Italy. An additional template for specific surveys and target audiences has been created to assist the students with further help during the research project. Throughout the time, MySmark has already established a broad network of business partners and partners for project incentives, reaching from the Tourism Industry over Culture and Arts to the Fashion Industry.

MySmark has already worked on many different Destination Personality research projects around the world. As can be seen in the map below, besides the Venice Island project, Bergamo and Mestre in Italy have been targeted, as well as numerous destinations in Ireland like Dublin, the Wild Atlantic Way or Northern Ireland. MySmark even extends further around the world and is set on a Destination Personality research with Chinese tourists.

Furthermore, the Toolkit is the basis of Destination Personality research and can be expanded all around the world into different directions through various project ideas and thesis themes, giving the concept of Destination Personality an additional chance to grow further.

As soon as the Toolkit is fully matured, MySmark is looking forward to finding many collaboration and research partners in order to enhance Destination Personality research.

If the concept of Destination Personality and the research project awakened your interest, feel free to get in touch with us and learn more about this opportunity!

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