MySmark’s Combi-Action™ button on Irish Day Tours


MySmark’s Combi-Action™ button on Irish Day Tours

What if you could ask your customers why are they purchasing that specific product from you?
Purchase intention can be considered as the pragmatic side of consumer behavior, and includes factors such as the customer’s interest, evaluation and information. It is an expression of the behavioral side of their attitude, and a reflection of their actions and future behavior.

Purchase intention can be used as an input for new products or deals, and becomes even more useful to segment markets if it’s tracked over time.
Ad example it could help forecast future sales as well as being used to recommend targeted offers or products.

Recently we started monitoring the website Irish Day Tours .ie, the first day tour company in Ireland, using MySmark’s Combi-Action™ button in place of the traditional Book Now button.
Being the Combi-Action™ button a way to perform two actions in one click, we asked Irish Day Tour’s customers to state their purchase intention while they were booking their experience.

In three months of monitoring, users who clicked over the custom labels of the button were the 24.68% of the total. Most of them declared to feel Curious about their purchase, being them probably new customers or trying that tour for the first time.
Others preferred the options It’s a good deal, stating to value the price-quality relationship. Customers who chose It’s top of my list showed that their interest for the destination was the main driver for choosing Irish Day Tours, while the ones who declared to feel Trustworthy are possibly already loyal customers of the company.

Several intervention strategies can be applied, such as recommending the most compatible tour with the customers choice.
Have a look at the infographic to find out more:






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