MySmark lands in Paris as one of the winners of Comet 6


MySmark lands in Paris as one of the winners of Comet 6

The Paris Landing Pack_Explore is a business acceleration program providing a complete tool kit on doing business in France. The initiative is promoted by Paris&Co, and there is where we are going.

With its thriving tech ecosystem, Paris is a perfect gateway for entrepreneurs wishing to conquer the European market. The Paris Landing Pack_Explore initiative has been launched by Paris&Co one year ago, in order to help new startups to boot their business on the French market. The previous seasons hosted more than fifty startups from all over the world and now it is up to us…


B-smark has been selected as one of the winners for this amazing opportunity. More than three hundred startups from all over the world applied to the program and we are so proud to be one of its winners. Paris represents a massive opportunity for B-smark, with its successful economic development the city offers some of the best international opportunities to develop a productive business in the heart of Europe and we are so glad to take part in this international and fruitful initiative.


The sixth season of the Paris Landing Pack_Explore will take place in June 2018, and we will be there. If you wish to know something more about the initiative, please follow the link below:


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