Mysmark on TechIreland – Growth of TrevelTech in Ireland


Mysmark on TechIreland – Growth of TrevelTech in Ireland

In the recent years, Dublin has attracted a lot of companies and start-ups. The entrepreneur environment, especially in the tech market, is now more active than ever and one of the hottest topics is the Mysmark one! That is developing new technologies for travel market.


This topic, the Irish TravelTech, has been the subject of a recent work provided by TechIrelad, a no profit organization whose mission is providing data and insights on product innovation in Ireland.
In this podcast you can listen an interesting interview with Mark Lenahan focusing on the data collected in Ireland about the number of employees in the High tech travel market, the most interesting travel start up and the total amount of funds.

From the data collected, we can see the number of employees is grown up to 3322 people and the average funding is 845k and the number of companies in this sector has now reached the peak of 83 units.
A special focus is left to our company, unique among all the others. We are the only one focusing on #DestinationPersonality or that try to create digital empathy with the clients and follow them during the full travel lifecycle.

We are proud to see how well our research and focus are fitting with the Irish Tech Environment and we are taking the opportunity of reminding you to stay tuned because enthusiastic news are coming!

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