The value of Personalisation


The value of Personalisation

The value of personalisation for improving overall business performance is frequently not recognised, as the impact is not always immediately apparent. Nevertheless it actually has a significant impact on advocacy and loyalty, proving to be a crucial element to a customer experience strategy.

Personalisation relies in gathering user-information during interaction with the customers in order to target them and deliver the right offer at the right time. Tailoring and configuring particular services/experiences on the clients needs improves the overall customer experience and eventually, builds a strong customer loyalty.

A strategy of personalisation clears up ambiguity and establishes a one-to-one connection, as it’s based on digital empathy and understanding.
The purposes of providing personalised services are focused on creating long-lasting customer relationships:

Anticipating needs
Making the interaction efficient and satisfying
Encouraging the customer to return for subsequent purchases

The road to personalisation is easier than you think. The right way to approach the objective should involve these 4 steps:

1. Building strong relationships through empathy and listening (social media, market research, interaction…)

2. Finding out your customer’s needs (stated by the customer and perceived by the business)

3. Building your customer’s profile (through implicit and explicit data)

4. Recommending suitable services

You can base personalisation on individual users as well as on a predefined audience, based on previous research.

A sector that still has to be won over by personalisation is business travel. Customers have the sensation that it is not happening fast enough, as they would like to see more tangible use of personalisation within managed travel.
Due to a growing demand and a large space for opportunities we can’t ignore personalisation in travel anymore, as it could change the future of this industry as well as proving to be the key for innovation in travel technology.

According to Amadeus, tomorrow’s travellers will want to travel the world in just one way – their way, putting together their own unique travel experiences.
A truly personalised journey begins with understanding traveller behavior and relies on the contribute of different pieces of technology, such as recommendation engines, single platforms for booking every aspect of the experience or smart profiles based on previous itineraries.

Amadeus itself sketched an hypothetical anatomy of a personalised business trip in 5 steps:

 Search and Book: Tracking the traveller’s preferences and recommending packages based on his/her profile and needs.
 Pre-trip: Offering transport to the airport.
 Missed connections: Providing an automatic flight rebook in case of missed connection.
 Check-in: Suggesting restaurants or other experiences to the traveller as soon as he/she checks-in at the accommodation.
Post-trip: Automate service rate survey to gain extra loyalty points.

See more in the infographic below.


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