What is Brand/Destination Personality?


What is Brand/Destination Personality?

The Brand/Destination Personality can be one of the main key to link customers to brands or destinations.

The Brand Personality

Everything started in the late 1970s. At that time, advertising agencies realized that due to the abundance of similar products, it was more and more difficult to differentiate brands just on the basis of their performance. This raised the need to identify brands and products not only by their physical characteristics, but by other attributes too.

Brand Personality is a part of the Brand Image which includes all attributes of an intangible product. This is defined in its most recent wording as: ‘The set of human personality traits that are both applicable to and relevant for brands’. (Azoulay & Kapferer, 2003)
A brand’s personality is something to which the consumer can relate: an effective set of traits can increase brand equity as well.

Moreover, numerous studies have shown that there is a correlation in product satisfaction and loyalty as much as the personality of the product reflects the personality of the consumer.

The Destination Personality

Destination Personality is the application of brand Personality to tourism destinations. Associating human characteristics with a place is a typical process that people incur when travelling. Thus the concept can be formulated as ‘The set of human personality traits that are both applicable to and relevant for destinations’.

As soon as individuals are heading to their destination, they already have in mind an idea of the place and its features, a picture that still needs to be authenticated through their direct experience.

Similarly to Brand Personality, a distinctive and emotionally attractive Destination Personality is shown to leverage the perceived image of a place and influence tourist choice behavior.

The creation and measurement of Brand-Destination Personality is useful both in order to plan marketing strategies and to target the product on a specific customer segment.

If you want to learn more about Destination Personality, check out our case studies.

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