January 2018

Brand new research about chinese tourists in EU unveiled at the opening of EU-China tourism year in Venice

Brand new research focusing chinese tourists in Europe: Save and B-sm@rk presents “Venice Marco Polo” today, on occasion of the official opening of Eu-China tourism year 2018 in Venice. In july 2016 EU president Juncket and chinese premier Li Keqiang have annoounced 2018 as Eu-China tourism year (ECTY). The main objectives of this joint programme are the aim of increasing the number of chinese tourists in EU destinations, with special focus to millennials FIT (free independent travellers). They are expected to be the 75% of chinese outbound tourism in 2018 and drive the 55% consumers boost of chinese economy. They are counting ca 25% of chinese population, with about 400 million people born between 1980 and 1999 in the Contry. ...