MySmark Touchpoints

Please note that MySmark will be shutdown on 07/11/2018, both the website and the API endpoints.

It has been unmaintained since a while and we’re focusing on Combi-Action™ Tech and brand / destinations research and services.

MySmark service could not reach a sustainable level of business . Thus, as standalone service, it will be terminated. The underlying engine might be included in the backend of other products / services likely with (also) the  Combi-Action™ Tech on the user interface.

User’s data and related UGC, for accounts not deleted by the shutdown date, will be treated according to the ToS. That basically means that still alive accounts may get up to one opt-in email notice from the new service.

Users who could not cancel the account by that deadline can drop us a line with due infos to have all their data removed from our database.

Please note that data export was not implmeneted yet, so if you need to save anything before deletion you have to log-in before shutdown and do it manually. After shutdown your only option is to have all your data flushed from the database.