Destination Personality Ireland: key findings


Destination Personality Ireland: key findings

A few weeks ago, we were explaining to you what was the project Destination Personality Ireland about and how we made our measurement. If you didn’t read this article yet, just click this link.

It’s time now to have a look at what we have discovered.

Ireland and its 4 macro-areas

Remember that we measured the Destination Personality of Ireland itself but also of 4 macro-area inside Ireland, letting us better understand what are the main attractions in every part of Ireland and then, why travelers tend to visit one macro-area rather than another.

Personality can be the connector between travelers and destinations. After measuring both the personality of the travelers and the destinations, we are now able to give some tendencies when it comes to match each others, but also offer specific recommendations for tourists coming to Ireland.

If you want to know more about it, check out our infographic below or contact us.


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