Destination Personality: b-smark for Tourism Ireland


Destination Personality: b-smark for Tourism Ireland

Thanks to the innovative spirit that b-smark instills in its projects, it has been chosen by Tourism Ireland for a research about the Italian tourists experience.

The project aims to understand how Italians traveling to Ireland perceive their destination before and after the their visitor experience: the study, called Destination Personality Ireland, combines marketing/economics and psychological studies.

This cutting-edge approach can measure the identity of destinations as if they were people, plus allows tourism boards to measure the personality type of visitors attracted to certain places, contributing to the construction of tourist offers that are personalised and attentive to travelers’ wishes.

This prestigious project that shows the interest of the Celtic Tiger into Italian visitors, will simultaneously start from four major airports in the peninsula: Bologna, Bergamo, Venice and Treviso.
Thanks to a close collaboration with Airports and Universities, b-smark has created in a short time a young and dynamic data collection team.
The main headquarter will still be based in Dublin, where the company will also be active in monitoring visitors returning to Italy.

The icing on the cake of the project will be a collaboration network with two Italian and Irish Tourist platforms, Musement and Irish Day Tours, that will reward all those who will answer the survey.

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