#DestinationPersonality Venice Islands – Work in Progress


#DestinationPersonality Venice Islands – Work in Progress

Do you remember the project about #Destination Personality in Venice Islands? Here in b-sm@rk, after a market research based on innovative methods of Brand and Destination Personality Scales, we came up with new interesting news. First of all, through our data, we managed to confirm that Brand and Destination Personality are valid methods useful to measure and profile users’ perceptions with regard to unique touristic destinations.

Moreover, this type of analysis helped in finding out the key elements of Venice Islands and also their strengths and weaknesses. Then, through across data analysis, we identified valuable opportunities that could be enhanced with ad hoc marketing actions and stakeholders’ involvement.

In this specific case, the sample taken into consideration outlined a need to valorise Venice Islands and enhance their accessibility. Furthermore, an analysis concerning motivational, emotional and personality driving factors helped us in classifying key data and characteristics for the different destination observed. This project can be carried on by further identifying and valorising synergies between Human and Destination Personality, with the aim of increasing visits, satisfaction and positive recommendations.

Work in progress, stay tuned!

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