Your customer experience management toolbox


Your customer experience management toolbox

MySmark Toolbox is a customer experience management toolbox that relies on a deep and constant work of research and improvement to get closer to customers needs, wants and desires.
The creation of each and every one of our components is based on a scientific approach of theory, development and testing.

Let’s have a look at them.

Emotional Data

Customer service can’t always deliver solutions, but it can always deliver empathy.
MySmark helps you building an emotional connection with your customers, understanding and anticipating their needs.

Based on R. Plutchik’s psychoevolutionary theory of emotions, our tools provide real-time emotional mapping while creating more engagement and interaction.

Cognitive Feedback

Listening to your audience’s opinion is central to improve your services and strengthen your brand identity.
With MySmark’s cognitive tools you can measure your customers reviews, work smarter and enhance the overall experience.


The beauty of the world is in the differences: personality traits are various and define our behaviour.
MySmark’s tools help you building your customers full profile and meet their needs with personalised services.

This valuable knowledge empowers your loyalty schemes and increases your ancillaries with targeted recommendation.


The key to create value and a long-term loyalty relationship is customer satisfaction.
As customer fulfillment is our main focus we developed the iSmark, a percentage index of satisfaction implied in the votes, opinions and personality traits of your audience.

Personal variables interact with emotions and opinions of the customers: this allows us to understand and predict their level of satisfaction more accurately than common tools.
Our unique expertise is to deliver real-time actionable data based on our scientific knowledge and measurements.

Combi-Action™ technology

Have you ever desired to perform two actions in just one click?
Our Combi-Action™ button handles two different submissions with a single input: whether you want to measure your customers expectations while they are adding a product to cart or knowing the reason behind their trip, we can help you with a new, flexible and instant tool.

Curious ? Don’t be shy and learn more about our Combi-Action™ technology.

Facebook app

Collect rich and profiled reviews from your audience on Facebook and develop an emotional connection with your followers.

Beyond a simple Like.

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