MySmark: end of operations


MySmark: end of operations

Our flagship product, MySmark, will cease operations on 07/11/18. Please read the notice here.

Active MySmark users should have received the due notice and instructions. It’s reported here below for those who did not receive it for any reason (e.g. fbk signup without copy of email etc):

This is to inform you that MySmark will cease all operations on
07 Nov 2018 (07/11/2018) and will be shut down.

If you wish to have your data removed definitely from our database,
– login ,
– go to the ‘settings/userdata’ tab,
– click on the ‘delete your account’ button at bottom

If you wish to save anything of your past activity on MySmark, please
do so manually before deleting the account, as there’s no data-export
facility implemented beside CSV export in stats tools (if yours was
a ‘business’ account)

If you do nothing, your data will remain in our database and will be
treated according to the Terms you agreed upon signup.
Basically, that boils down to the chance of
getting one opt-in email should your data join a new service.

Please see the announcement here.

Should you have any enquiry, please get in touch.

We regret for any inconvenience this might cause to you.
With kind regards,

— b-sm@rk, Ltd

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