Personality and tourism: new horizons for online booking


Personality and tourism: new horizons for online booking

The travel sector is now the most powerful category in terms of online transactions: 1 out of 3 journeys is booked online, with most of the travellers depending on the internet for information, planning and discovering new offers.

Understanding consumers decisions and drivers becomes increasingly important: since travellers are deeply influenced by their personality, this becomes then an highly predictive factor of customers purchasing behavior.

Personality can be outlined through many methodologies and psychological models. MySmark developed a picture version of one of the most trusted, that is Big Five, determining differences between people according to five macro-categories: Openness, Agreeableness, Conscientiousness, Neuroticism and Extraversion.
This information is useful in terms of user profiling and supports the creation of reliable forecasts about places, tourist destination, resorts, hotels and ancillary services. Each location (country, city, hotel, restaurant, shop, bar, etc.) can then be described and labeled as a set of properties, activities, and services compatible or not with a certain type of user.

Through the synergy of these data (features of the tourist destinations and user profile) MySmark can create a recommendation system able to filter the net or the website offers, or to create specific promotional feedback modeled over the preferences and/or expectations of the client.
Each location (city, hotel, restaurant…) can then be labeled as a set of properties compatible or not with a certain type of user: our major goal is therefore to improve the user experience providing the most relevant content for each specific customer.




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